Graduate Assistant Payment of Segregated Fees Policy

Policy for Graduate Assistant Payment of Segregated and *Other Fees not waived by Research Assistant, Teaching Assistant, Program/Project Assistant, or Lecturer Student Assistant (RA, TA, PA, or LSA) tuition remission

(Available for Fall & Spring Terms Only)

Goal: Allow graduate assistants (RA, TA, PA, LSA) to have approximately three months of paychecks each term to use toward payment of segregated fees and other fees not covered by tuition remission.

*Other fees as described in this deferment policy could include, but are not limited to, the International Student Services Fee and the Registrar’s Office Document Fee.

  1. The due date for segregated and other fee payments is the first Friday in December for the Fall term and the first Friday in April for the Spring term. The deferred due date not available for the Summer term. For academic year 2023-2024:
    • Fall 2023 Segregated Fees due date – Friday, December 1, 2023
    • Spring 2024 Segregated Fees due date – Friday, April 5, 2024
  2. A late fee of $100 will be assessed if all segregated and other fees are not paid in full by the deferred due date.
  3. Holds on academic records will be placed if segregated and other fees are not paid by the deferred due date.
  4. Graduate assistants will be allowed to enroll once full payment of all student account balances due has been made. Normal payment clearing periods will apply for students who have paid with bad checks/ePayments in the past.
  5. Segregated and other fee bills will continue to show standard due dates due to billing system limitations. However, the Bursar’s Office website will provide details of this graduate assistant segregated and other fee payment policy and the specific deferred due dates.
  6. This policy is in effect for fall and spring terms only. Segregated and other fees will be due as billed for summer terms.
    • Specific due dates will be listed on students’ eBills and published on the Bursar’s Office website.

Note: Any financial aid and scholarships received will post to pay any charges due for that term. This deferred payment is available to pay any segregated and other fees remaining after the posting of financial aid and scholarships.

Students with an RA, TA, PA or LSA tuition remission applied to their student account are automatically eligible for the deferred due date.

If the student is eligible for a RA, TA, PA or LSA tuition remission, but the remission is not showing on their student account, the student needs to contact their department’s HR office to have them submit the remission information to the Bursar’s Office. Once the remission information is received, it will be added to the student’s account. At that time, students with RA, TA, PA or LSA remission will be eligible for the deferred payment plan.


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