Third Party Authorizations

A letter of authorization from the sponsoring organization is required to document the sponsor’s commitment to pay designated education expenses for a student.

Submit Third Party Authorization

Submit third party authorization forms no later than the start of term.

How to submit an authorization form:

  • Email to
  • Mail to UW-Madison Third Party Billing, 333 East Campus Mall #10501, Madison, WI  53715-1383.
  • Fax to (608) 265-3201.

Authorizations must include the following criteria:

  1. Be written in English on the organization/company’s official letterhead.
  2. List the student’s name and UW Campus ID.
  3. Include a specific description of fees, charges, and the amount to be assumed by your organization, such as tuition and mandatory fees, late registration fees, or late payment fees. No credit will be granted for fees unless specified.
  4. Include specific time frame or semester covered (will be valid for one semester only if not specified).
  5. Include the signature, telephone number, and email of the authorizing official.
  6. Include the billing address (Organization Billing name and physical location).
  7. Include organization/company’s payment method (by check or wire transfer).

Military/Federal Tuition Assistance

University of Wisconsin–Madison is proud to offer flexible education options to military students and their families. If you are receiving military tuition assistance, please contact your Education Officer for specific information on your branch of service’s policies. An approved tuition assistance form must be presented to the Bursar’s Office Third Party Billing. This form may be forwarded as an email attachment to

The Department of Defense and some branches of services use forms SF182 and/or DD1155 as an approval for tuition assistance. The SF182 must have Section C, Box 6 Invoicing Instructions completed. If the invoice is to be submitted through the WAWF system by the University, the DD1155 must be submitted with a Standard Form 36. Standard Form 36 will include the WAWF information needed to submit the invoice through the WAWF system.

Veteran's Benefits

Please contact the UW-Madison Veterans Services office for assistance with determining eligibility or paperwork.

Joe Rasmussen (608) 265-4628 (UW-Madison VA Certifying Official)

College Savings Plans

UW-Madison will bill for the following College Prepayment plans: College of Illinois, Florida Prepaid, Alabama Prepaid, Michigan Education Trust, Texas Guaranteed Tuition, South Carolina Tuition Prepaid, and Nevada Prepaid.

For 529 College Savings Plans other than those listed above, please refer to Payments Methods.

The following organizations/sponsors are not considered External Third Party Sponsors for billing purposes:

Employer/Sponsor Contracts:  Some that do not require a billing invoice and/or have restrictions (require the student to pass the course, complete the class, turn in transcripts, etc.,). The student is responsible for payment by the billing due date and then must seek reimbursement from the organization/company.

Trust Funds:  Letters from executor of estates or bank are not considered a Third Party Sponsor.

Family:  Parents, spouses, or family members paying a student’s tuition and fee charges are not considered a Third Party Sponsor.

Foreign loans or checks: Foreign bank loans or checks are not considered a Third Party Sponsor.


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