Segregated Fees

Segregated fees are charges, in addition to tuition, assessed to all students for student services, activities, programs, and facilities that support the mission of University of Wisconsin System institutions, including UW-Madison.

Fall and Spring term rates are set in late July or early August, and we update the tables as soon as possible after that. Rates for Summer term are usually posted in late March.

Segregated Fees for full-time students

Fall 2023 OR Spring 2024

Recipients of segregated fees Graduate Undergraduate
Associated Students of Madison 11.69 11.69
Bus pass and transportation services 51.52 51.52
Child Care Tuition Assistance Program 14.56 14.52
General student service fund 4.08 4.08
University Health Services (UHS) 264.62 264.66
University Recreation & Wellbeing-General 99.74 99.78
University Recreation & Wellbeing-Master Plan 76.32 76.32
Wisconsin Union 165.36 165.36
Union Building Projects 85.68 85.68
Municipal services 2.08 2.04
Campus radio fund 5.09 5.09
Total 780.74 780.74

*For the Fall 2023/Spring 2024 terms, $20.86 is Allocable (determined by Associated Students of Madison) and $759.88 is Non-Allocable.

Summer 2024

Recipients of segregated fees Graduate Undergraduate
Associated Students of Madison $5.84 $5.84
Bus pass and transportation services $25.76 $25.76
Child Care Tuition Assistance Program $7.28 7.26
General student service fund $2.04 $2.04
University Health Services (UHS) $132.31 $132.33
University Recreation & Wellbeing-General $49.87 $49.89
University Recreation & Wellbeing-Master Plan $38.16 $38.16
Wisconsin Union $82.68 $82.68
Municipal services $1.04 $1.02
Campus radio fund $2.55 $2.55
Union Building Projects $42.84 $42.84
GUTS $0.00 $0.00
Total $390.37 $390.37

*For the Summer 2024 term, $10.43 is Allocable (determined by Associated Students of Madison) and $379.94 is Non-Allocable.

The policies affecting segregated fees are set by UW System Administrative Policy 820. On this campus, decisions about fee amounts and how they are distributed are made in part by the Student Services Finance Committee (part of the Associated Students of Madison student governance); the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration; the Office of the Chancellor; the UW System; and the Office of the Board of Regents.

Recipients of Segregated Fees

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Associated Students of Madison

Student fees fund the Associated Students of Madison student government activity, the operation of the student government including advisor and financial specialist staff salaries, grants for registered student organizations distributed by ASM, and contractual agreements with the Rape Crisis Center and the Tenant Resource Center.  This fee is Allocable (determined by ASM – Associated Students of Madison).

Bus pass and transportation system

Student fees provide a free bus pass for each student on all Madison Metro Transit System bus routes, including paratransit service. Also includes the student contribution to the cost of the on-campus and late night bus service: Madison Metro Transit routes 80, 81, 82 and 84, and the UW Accessible Circulator Shuttle.

Child Care Tuition Assistance Program

Student fees support the Child Care Tuition Assistance Program through the Office of Child Care and Family Resources. Support provides tuition grants to students with children to pay for child-care costs.

General student service fund

Student fees fund a variety of organizations and services directed by students. Any registered student organization can apply for the general student services fund and must reapply every two years. The most recent list of organizations and services can be found here. This fee is Allocable (determined by ASM – Associated Students of Madison).

University Health Service

Student fees fund University Health Services’ clinical medical care, mental health services, environmental-occupational health services for campus, and improvement for the health of the campus through prevention and public health.

University Recreation & Wellbeing

Student fees fund programs and facilities under the University Recreation & Wellbeing. Facilities supported in this budget include the Nicholas Recreation Center (Nick), Natatorium, Ogg Hall Fitness Center, Camp Randall Sports Center (Shell), Nielsen Tennis Stadium, and Lathrop Hall studio space. Programming supported includes group fitness, small group training, intramural sports, sport clubs, and ice programs.

Wisconsin Union

Student fees support the Wisconsin Union’s “building ready for use” eligible expenses. These expenses include facilities, support services, depreciation and major repair/maintenance, utilities and insurance, assessments, and debt service interest. Fees also support the Wisconsin Union building project per a student referendum.

Municipal services

The municipal services fee pays the segregated fee share of services provided by the City of Madison, such as fire protection.

Campus radio fund

Student fees fund the operation of the WSUM campus radio, and permanent-staff and student salaries.  This fee is Allocable (determined by ASM – Associated Students of Madison).


The Greater University Tutoring Service (GUTS) is a student fees funded service dedicated to connecting UW-Madison students with volunteer tutors for assistance with academic courses, study skills, conversational English, and intercultural exchange.

Student Activity Center & University Health Services building fee

The SAC/UHS Building Fee supports the debt service for construction of the Student Activities Center and University Health Services facilities at University Square.


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