Who is ECSI?

UW-Madison contracts with Educational Computer Systems, Inc. (ECSI) for the billing and electronic processing of payments on student loans serviced by UW-Madison.

Access your ECSI account to:

How to access your ECSI account:

Log into your ECSI account.

  1. Select the “Sign In or Register” button located at the top right section of the screen.
  2. “Sign In to an existing profile” or “Register” if you need to create a new profile.
  3. To register and create a new profile:
    1. Create and enter a unique username, password and confirm password
    2. Enter the required information on the “Contact” screen
    3. Enter the required information on the “Address” screen
    4. Set up and answer three security questions
    5. Select “Sign In & Accept”
  4. Enter your newly created username and password.
  5. Answer the security question.
  6. On the Your School Accounts (Home Page) select “UW-Madison” to access your account.  If your school does not appear, you will need to Connect an Account.
    1. Select the red plus sign located under the “Connect an Account” box.
    2. Enter your Heartland Key.  If you do not know your Heartland Key, input the following information under Search for Heartland Key
      1. School code = R7
      2. Account number = SSN
      3. PIN/Password
    3. Select Search. Your Heartland Key should appear in the box.

If you have issues creating a new profile or connecting to your UW-Madison account, please contact ECSI Customer Service at (888) 549-3274.


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