Fall 2022 Student Account eBill, Due Dates, BadgerPay and Refund Information

Important billing & payment information for Fall 2022

When can I expect my student account bill?

Fall student account eBills will be published August 24th, 2022. When the eBill is available, we send an email to notify you and your Authorized Payers. The student account bill will include both tuition and UW Housing/Dining charges for students living on campus.

How do I access my student account bill?

Students access bills through their MyUW Student Center.  Under Financial Account, navigate to the Manage My Payment section, then select “Manage My Payment”.  Select “Statements” to view the official bill.

When is the Fall 2022 due date?

The main due date for Fall 2022 is Friday, September 16th, 2022.  Students who enroll receive additional charges after the initial bill may have a later due date. The due date is listed in the top right-hand corner of your student account bill.

How can my parent view and pay my student account bill?

Set up a parent or other individual as an Authorized Payer through your MyUW Student Center. Select Financial Account, navigate to the Manage My Payment section, then select “Manage My Payment”. Select your name to view your profile, then select ‘Send a Payer Invitation’ to enter your authorized payer’s information.  Information and instructions at:  https://bursar.wisc.edu/student-tuition-account/add-person-tuition-account

What payment methods are accepted at UW-Madison?

There are several payment methods accepted at UW-Madison: the fastest, most convenient way to make a payment is using through ePayments (eCheck, 529 ePayment, credit card or foreign currency).  Information and instructions at: https://bursar.wisc.edu/student-tuition-account/payment-methods

What is BadgerPay?

BadgerPay is UW-Madison’s optional payment plan.  BadgerPay provides a convenient means for paying the student account balance through regularly scheduled payments during the semester. Students have the option to sign up for BadgerPay each semester and there is a $50 non-refundable activation fee.  Information and instructions at: https://bursar.wisc.edu/student-tuition-account/payment-methods/badgerpay

When can I expect my financial aid refund?

Fall refunds begin processing August 30th, 2022. Loans, grants, and scholarships you receive are applied to pay your student account balance (tuition charges (and housing/dining charges, if applicable). If there are remaining funds, we issue a refund to you. Exception: A check is mailed to the parent borrower for a Parent PLUS loan refund.

What is the fastest way to get my financial aid refund?

eRefund is the fastest way to receive your refund!  An eRefund is deposited directly into a personal checking or savings bank account.  Students who enroll for eRefund get their money 1-5 days faster than a mailed check.

Enroll for eRefund through your MyUW Student Center. Select Financial Account, navigate to the eRefund (Direct Deposit) section, then select “Manage eRefund Enrollment”. Select your name to view your profile, then select ‘Sign up’ under Direct Deposit Refunds.  Enter required information and select ‘Complete’.  Information and instructions at: https://bursar.wisc.edu/refunds/erefund-direct-deposit

If you prefer a paper check, verify your Mailing address on your MyUW Student Center “Profile” tile. Please make sure to update your mailing address to your new address. If your address isn’t current, it will cause a delay in receiving your refund check.  Note: If you live in a residence hall, your check is mailed to that address.


Questions regarding student account billing, BadgerPay, payment methods, or refunds can be directed to the Bursar’s Office at (608) 262-3611 or tuition@bussvc.wisc.edu.  Email is the fastest way to get in touch with us!

Office Hours: The Bursar’s Office will be open to the public 10:00am-3:00pm on weekdays from September 6th through September 16th, 2022.